What is this?
¡Mapa Gigante! is a web site that lets you make high resolution GIANT MAPS!

Here are some random people enjoying their Giant Maps... look how happy they are!
What do you want a Giant Map of?
Is there a limit on how big I can make my map?
Practically you're limited by how large a web page your browser can support, which is a function of your browser and how much memory and patience you have. I've personally been astounded by how big a map Firefox can tolerate; I've yet to reach the limit of the browser's rendering engine.

I have an idea... why don't YOU try and make a REALLY BIG MAP and then e-mail us the dimensions and a picture!
What if I don't have access to a REALLY BIG PRINTER?
Places like Kinkos (no affiliation) will print things for money (I've heard it's something on the order of $10/sqft). Heck, they even offer an online service with local pickup...

We here at ¡Mapa Gigante! enterprises are considering offering a printing service at a competitive price... if you're interested contact us and we'll get back to you!
Can I get the output as an image file?
The simplest way is to 'print' to a PDF file, which you can them import into photoshop and go crazy!
How do I "print to a PDF file"?
If you're an OS-X (Mac) user, it's on the 'print menu'. If you're a Windows user, there's not really a definitive answer, but I bet you can use the power of the Internets to figure this out on your own!
Can I change the orientation of the map?
Short answer - no; not on ¡Mapa Gigante! However, if you want to rotate the map, Photoshop or The Gimp is a good way to accomplish this. Just print to an image file (see above) and import into your favorite photo munging softwares.
Whats with the color scheme?
Just be happy I'm not using Comic-Sans.